A mission-based digital agency

Women control 80% of all household spending through their power and influence, they are the rocket fuel of e-commerce.

To leverage that power we created Pixelhaus, a data-driven creative agency specialising in consumer lifestyle brands marketing to women.

Using direct response expertise, we quickly scale conversions and lower cost per acquisition across paid media channels.


 Our Mission

Our sole focus is to drive rapid growth and profitability for our clients via digital advertising campaigns. We help companies quickly acquire customers and incrementally increase revenues while lowering cost per acquisition. Our mission is to make women-led companies successful.

We believe that more women leading companies and teams is a boom to the economy and our work contributes to a more equal world for everyone.



We are your fuel for growth

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 Let’s Talk

Our top priority is always delivering the highest quality work possible for each and every client. By booking a limited number of clients at a time, our small team can ensure that every project gets the time and attention they deserve.